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Built to Last – Brass Beds of Virginia


Built to Last

Built to Last

Brass Beds of Virginia was craftsmen-founded over 45 years ago with a simple premise: hand making custom beds with uncompromised attention to detail, quality, and elegance. 


We believe furniture should last, not just for a lifetime but for generations to come. Each piece that comes from our factory is a work of art, made by hand by some of the country’s most skilled craftsmen using techniques that are hundreds of years old. 

Brass Beds of Virginia Picket Fence Iron Bed

When designing our Picket Fence iron bed, we paired vintage details and modern simplicity for a timeless appeal.


Intersections of metal beds are cast rather than screwed, steel is hand bent rather than machined, and our finishes are hand-painted rather than automatically sprayed. The result of this complicated equation of craftsmanship is a truly individual piece that cannot be replicated. 

 Brass Beds of Virginia bed detail 

This is why customers choose our beds, care for them and hand them down to the next generation. 


From bold gloss colors to weathered rustic finishes, our hand painting artisans add an extra layer of individuality to each piece we produce. An array of finishes guarantee that each piece is authentically unique, every time. And, did you know that every piece of furniture is signed by our artisans? 

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Schedule an appointment with our sales associates so they can help you select the perfect bed. They can be reached at: 1-800-409-0340, M-F 9-5 Eastern time.