Cosmopolitan Brass Bed


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The Cosmopolitan Brass Bed offers a traditional look to your bedroom but in a big and bold way. We designed this brass bed with heavy cast brass spindles in a style that will match any look you’re going for with your bedroom. We love this bed-frame in rustic bedrooms, traditional bedrooms and, of course, antique inspired bedrooms. The distinctive brass ball ends that adorn each brass spindle give this bed a distinguished appearance. If you’re looking for a bed frame that can be versatile and traditional, the Cosmopolitan Brass Bed is the ideal bed for your bedroom.  

This custom, handmade, and generation lasting brass bed is available in a variety of styles. The Cosmopolitan Brass Bed can be ordered in Complete, Mini Foot, Open Foot (Double Blanket Bar ), Open Foot (Single Blanket Bar), Hidden Foot, Headboard Only, and Canopy.


Headboard Height: 60.25 Inches
Footer Height: 40.25 Inches

Cross Bar Diameter: 2 Inch
Spindle Diameter: 2 Inch
Side Post Diameter: 2 Inch

*Our frame is compatible with adjustable frames.

* Contact sales if you'd like to customize the Cosmopolitan as an iron bed.