Cottage Iron Bed


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An heirloom style iron bed with vintage details and an open architecture style - our Cottage Iron Bed is a true antique inspired bedroom classic. We use vintage cast iron molds to create the soft curves of this popular iron bed frame. Crafted in a timeless heirloom style, the Cottage Iron Bed will last you and your family for decades. Handmade in true Brass Beds of Virginia fashion and available in Complete, Mini Foot, Open Foot, Hidden Foot, Headboard Only, and Canopy.


Headboard Height:58 Inches
Footer Height: 35 Inches

Cross Bar Diameter: 0.5 Inch
Spindle Diameter: 0.375 Inch
Side Post Diameter: 1 Inch

* Twin Headboard Height 56″
* Headboard Only Height 54″
* Mini Foot 30″
*Twin Open Foot 33.5″
* King Open Foot 29″
* King Mini Foot: 30″

*Our frame is compatible with adjustable frames.