Friendship Iron Bed


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If you’re looking for a Victorian inspired bed frame, the Friendship Iron Bed will give you all the elegant and romantic bedroom vibes you’re looking for. This classic Victorian style bed features a sophisticated design that is elegant and won’t overpower the decor in your room. The sleek and simple combination of curves and lines in the headboard and baseboard give this iron bed a unique yet timeless feel. The Friendship Iron Bed is the statement piece if you have Victorian Bedroom Goals or you’re looking to create a simple and classic bedroom style. Our Friendship Iron Bed comes in a variety of bed frame styles including Complete, Open Foot, Hidden Foot, Headboard Only, and Canopy.


Headboard Height: 58.5 Inches
Footer Height: 37.5 Inches

Cross Bar Diameter: 1 Inch
Spindle Diameter: 0.375 Inch
Side Post Diameter: 1 Inch

* Open Foot 29.5″ or 21.5″
* Headboard Only 54.75″
* Canopy 90″ to Top of Final on Headboard and Footboard
* Canopy also Available in Open Footboard

*Our frame is compatible with adjustable frames.