Halcyon Brass Bed


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Known as our “rainbow bed” for its graceful arch headboard and footboard and stair step brass decorative spindle trim, this Halcyon brass bed updates tradition. Also available with plain spindles or scroll headboard. Available in Complete, Open Foot Arched, Open Foot Straight, Hidden Foot, and Headboard Only styles.


Headboard Height: 62.5 Inches
Footer Height: 39.5 Inches

Cross Bar Diameter: 1 Inch
Spindle Diameter: 1 Inch
Side Post Diameter: 2 Inch

* Mini-Foot Height: 34″
* Open Foot Height: 31″
* Also available with two less spindles per size, no ornateness on middle of spindles, and a small 2″ sleeve on the side posts.

*Our frame is compatible with adjustable frames.

* Contact sales if you'd like to customize the Halcyon as an iron bed.