Swirls and Curls Brass Bed


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The perfect gold brass statement bed. Our Swirls and Curls brass bed is truly a handmade masterpiece. The handmade thick brass scrolls create a graceful and ornate look and will be the perfect statement piece in your bedroom. The Swirls and Curls brass bed will create an elevated look that can lend itself to a romantic bedroom vibe with layers of plush bedding or a more traditional look with a tightly tucked quilt and shams. Brass scrolls will vary in size depending on the dimensions of the brass bed ordered.


Headboard Height: 69 Inches
Footer Height: 49 Inches

Cross Bar Diameter: 1 Inch
Spindle Diameter: 1 Inch
Side Post Diameter: 2 Inch

*Our frame is compatible with adjustable frames.

* Contact sales if you'd like to customize Swirls and Curls as an iron bed.